Festung Hohensalzburg / Schloss Freisaal

On September 13, 2011 I took a pano looking from South of Salzburg in direction Festung Hohensalzburg. The pano covers 190 degree and shows the Festung, Schloss Freisaal and also the Stift Nonnberg. The bike and Joggers way passing the Schloss Freisaal is the Freisaalweg. Behind the pano on the other side of the roas the Freisaalweg is changing to the Hellbrunner Allee an around 2500m long Joggers paradise ;-)

The pano is made of 270 images, on each imageposition 5 brackets, 27 image positions on each of two rows. I used a focal length of 85mm and used aperture f8. The final pano has an size of 298 megapixel. I fuesd and stiched the images with autopano giga and the tour was made with panotour pro. The google maps radar is not working correctly, I think because of a non-spherical pano format.

The pano does contain many stiching errors (I did not optimize a lot) and also fusing brakcet images of buildings does work very well but trees will result in bad image quality (finally zooming into max. you can see it…)

Link to panorama (default created by Panotour Pro): Festung Hohensalzburg / Schloss freisaal

Salzburg – Salzachufer

On September 3, 2011 I placed my new tripod at the Salzach riverside looking in direction of the Festung Hohensalzburg and the old quarter. The pano is made of 8 images and on each image position I used 5 brackets to cover the big differences of the backlight. I fuesd the images using a more or less nonrealistic colouring – everything is a little bit exaggerated. What is surprising is the fusing result of the trees. In fact it was massive windy, so actually I thought the fusing will fail here. On the other side the house front is a little bit wrong in color temperature, too blue… If you zoom to the maximum in the pano you see the 100% resolution of the used 8mm fisheye lens.

22 Sep.2011: I added one planar panorama shot from same location. You can reach this pano by clicking on the hotspot placed over the area covering the pano. I used a 85mm lens and in total I used 390 images to create 78 stacks of images. The stacks got HDR tonemapped with photomatix and the final images got stiched with APG 1.5.2 and rendered with APG 1.6.0 beta2. Main missing point at this pano are the color issues caused by the light. I did not use the sun lens hood. The color issues in the left sky area are caused by the stitching software, I finally could not figure out to prevent this, the source images does not hav this color differences…

Link to panorama (default created by Panotour Pro): Salzburg – Salzachufer