Themes “2D Pure” and “Basic” for panotour 1.7.x resized to 60%

I included all 30 navigation bar – templates of the original 2D and basic themes of autopano 1.7.x.
The icons of my version of the 2D and basic theme are around 40% smaller than the original… helpscreens, hotspots are unchanged in size.
the color of the buttons and navbars is also changeable from inside panotour;
the gap between the icons is reduced from 40 to 35 pixels, the icons are 39×39 pixel

Sponsor: 7reasons

1. download the zip archive
2. the archive contains all files in folders/subfolders according to the original folder structure. So put the xml files and the images just to the same existing folders of your panotour installation. The subfolder (…Templatesthemesgraphics2DPURE-60 and …TemplatesthemesgraphicsBASIC-60) which contains the images of my themes does not exist yet on your installation, so this folder must be copied. You can get to your template directory from panotour option edit->open template directory
3. restart panotour

1. select the theme “2D – 60%” or “Basic theme – 60%” from the pulldown menu
2. by selecting this theme the navigation bar templates change to my adopted ones. The name syntax is equal to original, I only added “(60%)” to the name. Select a control bar template
3. Generate your tour as normal

Screenshots Theme “2D – 60%”:


Screenshots Theme “Basic theme - 60%”:

Sponsor: 7reasons



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