Panotour Pro 1.7.x – Enhanced German Language Translations

For Panotour Pro 1.7.x and later I added german  translations for some context menus.

Installation (for Windows 7):

Download the zip file. The archive contains the according xml files saved in the subfolder menu/, progress/, textstyle/ and transition/.  Copy/replace these files to the according template directory C:UsersxxxAppDataLocalKolorPanotour Pro 1.7KolorTemplates. You can open the above template directory of your installation from inside panotour by clicking on option Edit -> Open template directory. If you want to keep your original files, you have to move these files to a save place elsewere. Finally you’ve to restart your Panotour to apply the changed files.


In Panotour pro go to Project Properties -> Appearence. After selecting one of the four default themes select a Template including the Help screen and under option Help Screen select the img_help_de.png.

Hint: These files will be overwritten by an major panotour update…





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