Potted plant – Chrysanteme – Macro pano

Last Sunday I did a pano of a potted chrysanteme plant. The pano covers a FOV 60″ x 40″ and it is a planar pano with 9 x 4 image positions. The challenge was the use of a 85mm lens and to get the lens only 40cm in distance to the plant. Finally it needed 1188 images to get this pano!

Link to panorama (default created by Panotour Pro): Potted plant – Chrysantheme

How ti works: To reduce the focus point (despite the usage of f8) I had to use a 13mm distance tube between lens and camerabody. In consequence the focus distance is very small. To get one sharp image which is sharp in front to rear I had to take 11 images on each position each set with different distance. I used the distance units printed on the lens: 1.0m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.7m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m, 4m, 7m, 15m and infinity. And finally to raise the hyper dynamic range of the images (and to reduce differences between shadow and light parts) I took each of the above mentioned images with 3 different exposures: 1/1000s, 1/100s and 1/10s. So in total to take the 9 x 4 x 11 x 3 = 1188 images (crop 1.6) it took from 10:59 – 14:56 on sunday. To reduce the manual work of taking hundrets of images I used my merlin pano head (pattern & pano head driven by the T&C handcontroller and the HDR part was done by the promote control device – I used a step of 3.3 EV). I did shoot eleven panos with different distance values. The 3 HDR bracketed images got fused with phtomatix pro and 11 focus images got focus stacked by zerene stacker. The finally 36 images got stiched with autopano giga and the tour was created by panotour pro. The final pano is around 250 megapixel (17982 * 14591 pixsel) in size and has a filesize of 600mb (tiff 16bit). The tour online is 90mb (jpeg) in size.

2 thoughts on “Potted plant – Chrysanteme – Macro pano

  1. nice work! for the focus stacking aspect of this, have you ever considered or tried the Magic Lantern firmware hack available for some Canon DSLRs? reportedly, it can automate focus stacking (with user selected near and far points of focus, number of steps, speed of the rack focus, etc.), though I believe you must be in “liveview” mode on the camera, which might complicate things for the automated head?

  2. funny you mention it, because I only 14 days back found it the first time. I installed it on my Canon EOS 400D, giving me more flexibility now. But unfortunately not for focus stacking, because the EOS 400D does not have Live view, so it cant focus my canon. same function is available with newest promote control device firmware, but also only for liveview capable DSLR cams. and finally I used a 85mm samyang lens, which is a manual lens… but with right equipment same pano could be done more easier… I used a merlin head – so automatically, but I paused it on every stop so I’ve time to shoot my sequence – and also to have time to redo it if first try failed…

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