7reasons – branch opening Marktschellenberg

On July 20, 2011 Austrias leading media agency 7reasons did open its first branch in Marktschellenberg, Germany.

The portfolio of 7reasons includes: media player, infoterminals, software development, 3D Animations (Commercials, Music videos, Cinema Films), Areal (still & video) photographs, indoor and outdoor spherical panoramas
websites: 7reasons.eudigital-signage-system.eu - infoterminals.eumotioncapture.at

Link to panorama (default created by Panotour Pro): 7reasons – branch opening Marktschellenberg

The Pano was shot with a 8mm fisheye lens from Samyang. It contains 6 images to cover the sphere and on 7th image for the zenith. One final additional 8th image covers the nadir. Each image position contains 3 bracketed images.

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