Fageralm & Erentrudisalm

In the municipality of Elsbethen the Fageralm and the Erentrudisalm are perfect attractions waiting for you… There you’ve an perfect view on Salzburg. I took the chance and tested my new Samyang 85mm lens. The panos you see are done without tripod, so bracketed images were no option. The Fageralm pano is made of 8 and the Erentrudisalm pano is made of 14 images in portrait mode..

Sponsor: 7reasons

It was hot for beginning June, 29 degree and a hazy weather … so finally not the best condition to make a pano to zoom several kilometers…

Sponsor: 7reasons

Link to panorama (default created by Panotour Pro): Fageralm & Erentrudisalm

3 thoughts on “Fageralm & Erentrudisalm

    • mit iphone & android würde diese Seite auch nicht wirklich Sinn machen, da x tausend pixel scrollen auf den kleinen LCDs macht nicht wirklich spass. Bei Android ist zudem bei den meisten Version flash gar nicht möglich (glaube bei Apple ebenso nicht…). autopano wie auch krpano bieten inzwischen eine rudimentäre html5 Unterstützung an. Viele Features sind aber noch nicht möglich…

  1. Thanks for the in depth review Jay. I’m ieetrnsted in using this camera for making short films and video work as well as photos and I had some questions about the video mode. When you say the ISO is locked at 1600 in video mode does that mean that the user has no control over ISO in video at all, or that the user just cannot go over 1600 in video? And is that only in auto or is that limitation in manual as well? And in manual video mode can you change the aperture to the lens limitation or are you stuck to F3.5 and higher?I work for Sony in one of their retail locations and I’m very ieetrnsted in the camera but unfortunately we haven’t received it in. When we get it I plan on giving it a through stress test, but I was hoping you could answer some of these question for me in the mean time.

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