Panotour Pro 1.7.x – Help screen in German language

Sponsor: 7reasons

For Panotour Pro 1.7.x and later I created german help screens. These help screen are available for the four default skins 2DPURE, 3DGLOW, BASIC and SKETCH. Per default only english and french help screens are included in Panotour Pro installation.

Installation (for Windows 7):

Download the zip file. The archive contains for each skin a seperat folder holding 2 files. The according two files should be plaqced into the templatedirectory of your panotour installation. You can open the template directory from inside panotour by klicking on option Edit -> Open template directory. In this directoy you find a subdirectoy themes. Put the xml files of my zip archive in this themes subdirectory. If you want to keep your original files, you have to move these files to a save place elsewere. The png images of my zip archive copy to the themes/graphics/xxx subdirectoy, were xxx stands for the four skinnames 2DPURE, 3DGLOW, BASIC and SKETCH. Finally you’ve to restart your Panotour.


In Panotour pro go to Project Properties -> Appearence. After selecting one of the four default themes select a Template including the Help screen and under option Help Screen select the img_help_de.png.

Hint: These files will be overwritten by an major panotour update…


2DPURE: German Help screen for theme 2DPURE

3DGLOW: German Help screen for theme 3DGLOW

BASIC: German Help screen for theme BASIC


 German Help screen for Theme SKETCH